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Introduction to Swing Dancing

Introduction to Swing Dancing
We are starting the year with a pre-season event on Friday, April 29th, at 7pm:
We’re going to have Clay Mitchell of RenoSwings.com and a live band The Honky Tonk Bums at the museum for all ages swing dancing. Clay will be giving a fun and easy beginner’s lesson to get us all started, then after the first set music author Chris Bayer of nevadamusic.com (and of the performing Honky Tonk Bums) will be giving a small presentation, then we’ll have a 2nd set and more dancing. We’ll have water available for free and the tickets are just $10 for museum members (become a member for as little as $35/year) and $15 for general audience!
Our goal is to gauge interest and perhaps make swing dancing at the museum available weekly!
Some notes:
1. This is an all-ages event (meaning teenagers and kids are welcome, as long as they can operate in a grown-up environment).
2. People are welcome to dress up in period clothing if they want, but you don’t need to – come as you are!
3. Shoes – Just about anything works. We don’t recommend high heels (low/stack heels are fine), and you want a little slip, so better not to have really sticky or chunky soles.
4. While you are welcome to bring a dance partner, a partner is not required. Swing dancing is a social activity, and we recommend dancing with a variety of folks.
$15 General Admission
$10 Museum MembersTickets
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