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Year End Campaign

Dear Supporters of The Historic Fourth Ward School Museum and Archives,

From the Fiscal Year of 2019-2020, we have secured the Commission for Cultural Centers and Historic Preservation Award, in the generous amount of $111,000, for the restoration of the West elevation of the Bell Tower Entry. The scope of work in this grant supports the restoration of the two levels of the Bell Tower. 

While these funds cover a major portion of the restoration project, we still have some costs to cover, as we would like to finish the project of the Bell Tower efficiently. In an effort to lessen the cost redundancies of the labor and preparations by the contractors, it would be wonderful to be able to include the remainder of the bided-work needed while all other necessary preparations for safety are already in place. These additions would include the Mansard Bell Tower Roof, which serves as protection, towards the base of the flagpole and the gutters. 

The cost of restoring the Mansard Bell Tower Roof is $31,920 as it is taken directly from the received work order/quote of the qualified contractor’s bid. We received an additional award from the Nevada Historic Preservation of $17, 413.00 from the FY 2018-2019.

Please consider showing your continued support with the gift of a contribution that will protect, preserve and restore our iconic “Last-One-Standing” schoolhouse with an End of the Year donation towards $15,000 which completes our goal of $31,920. Any donation amount is welcome!

To visualize our coming project about the Bell Tower Restoration, watch our video!

Checks may be made out to The Historic Fourth Ward School Foundation
Mailed to P.O Box 4, Virginia City, 89440

Or you can make your online gift here: https://buff.ly/2YcX3zi