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What Architectural Style is the Fourth Ward School Building? [Pop Quiz]

Welcome to "Pop Quiz", the Historic Fourth Ward School Museum's social media quiz! Question: The Historic Fourth Ward School Museum of Virginia City, NV has a distinctive architectural style. What is that style known as? Public Domain, Library of Congress Answer: Second Empire "Second Empire style, also called Napoleon III, Second Empire Baroque, architectural style that was dominant internationally during the second half of the 19th century," according to Encyclo...
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Did Your Family Attend the Fourth Ward School in Virginia City, NV?

Do you have a family member who attended or worked at the Fourth Ward School in Virginia City, Nevada? If so, we want to hear from you! One of our major passions and aspects of our mission here at the Fourth Ward School Museum is telling the stories of our former students who attended the Fourth Ward School when it operated as a schoolhouse from 1877 to 1936. Conversely, we love learning from the descendants of our students about their family's history and connection to the Fourth Ward ...
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“Sarah Winnemucca: The Life of A Paiute” Video Series

The first series produced by the Historic Fourth Ward School Museum's "Last One Standing Studios" tells the dynamic story of the life of Sarah Winnemucca. Sarah was a Pauite woman who lived in Virginia City during the town's formative years and later became an author and activist. This three-part animated video series is based on Sarah's own autobiography, which is a seminal document of Nevada and Indigenous American history. Her “Life Among the Paiutes” is the first published au...
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