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Educational Kids Fair Returns to the Historic Fourth Ward School Museum in Virginia City in June

When the Fourth Ward School opened in Virginia City, NV in 1876, the four-story building was lively and bustling with nearly 1,000 young students scurrying from class to class. Today, the Historic Fourth Ward School building is home to a Museum, and some of our happiest days at the Museum are when our halls are livened by the exuberance and curiosity of young learners once again. For the third consecutive year, the Historic Fourth Ward School Museum is happy to host the Educational K...
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What Architectural Style is the Fourth Ward School Building? [Pop Quiz]

Welcome to "Pop Quiz", the Historic Fourth Ward School Museum's social media quiz! Question: The Historic Fourth Ward School Museum of Virginia City, NV has a distinctive architectural style. What is that style known as? Public Domain, Library of Congress Answer: Second Empire "Second Empire style, also called Napoleon III, Second Empire Baroque, architectural style that was dominant internationally during the second half of the 19th century," according to Encyclo...
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Support Our “Care-Flow” 2022 Year-End Fundraiser

You can help the Historic Fourth Ward School Museum stay warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer! Warmer Winters & Cooler Summers at the Museum Care-Flow 2022Fundraiser So we can better serve the historic legacy and present-day community of the Comstock region, the Historic Fourth Ward School Museum of Virginia City, NV needs your help to acquire and install the following: 4 Ceiling Heaters10 Ceiling Fans2 Portable Air Conditioning The Fourth Ward...
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Our “Tea & Bustles” Event Featured on KOLO-TV

KOLO-TV in Reno recently featured our upcoming Tea & Bustles Victorian tea party and educational fashion show. ABC 8's Denise Wong interviewed Nora Stefu, our Museum's Executive Director, about the event which will take place at the Museum on the Saturday of Mother's Day Weekend. The educational fashion show will be presented by Liza McIlwee, a Victorian Era Fashion and Virginia City historian. Her popular Instagram, Eras of Enchantment, delights fans of Victoriana with Liza's i...
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